We have to get out more! the road show was sooooo good!

We have to get out more! the road show was sooooo good!

Kate and I love the volunteer road shows and  our mail box, after such events, shows us that the volunteers -past and future -who attend them really enjoy them too – so we are determined to do more.We already have plans for the next one on March 3rd in Chester. Click here or check out  the end of this post for details.

Those of you who know us well will understand that people and places won’t ( and can’t!) spend lots of money on fancy venues and grand presentations – not us –  we need to brazenly beg  free venues!

The Newport Pagnell road show was possible due to the generous help of Nita and Paul Tolley who volunteered last year at Emmanuel. (To watch their powerpoint about their experience click here.)

Kate and I had spent a day in Blue Peter mode – making signs and updating powerpoint presentations….packed the car and set off early ( very early) on Saturday morning.

We spent the late  morning setting up – thanks to all of you who helped.

By 2.30 the room was buzzing with about 50 people –

I always worry about my “welcome chat” at this stage because I don’t want to interrupt all the great “show and tell” conversations that are in full sway – but I had thank yous to say  and messages from local partners to share –and best of all to introduce our local partner Michael Horton from Cambodia – representing all our local partners and the incredible work they do.

Michael chats to potential volunteers

Michael said a few words about his work and the realities of Cambodia ( read an article he has recently written here ) – the room was spellbound  – you could have heard the proverbial pin drop and afterwards he was in huge demand until he had to head off south to fly home to Cambodia. Read his report on the day here. It’s so much better than mine!

I also introduced Donna Okell, the director at our corporate partners ITC – Giving – she also has written a piece read it here...interesting thoughts on family volunteering.

Meeting the volunteers and hearing their stories is so inspiring: to hear their stories in their own words is very important – so for the first time, but not the last!, we interviewed some volunteers at the event.

You can find the videos  here on YouTube

(Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why there is a video of Nita’s loo on there?……)

One of the volunteers ( we are not naming and shaming!) managed to lose her way by missing the turn off the M6 for the M1, and ended up in the Cotswolds! –  Kate and I laughed ( a lot) when she told us…..well the “serves you right” fairy was listening cos on our way home we missed the turning off the M1 for the M25 and did a rather annoying diversion around the north circular –

Thanks again – so much – to Nita and Paul for all their support and the lovely supper  on Saturday evening – and missing  Pilates…..and for decorating the loo for our arrival!!!!!!

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