“We need a revolution….”

“We need a revolution….”

….in philanthropy.”

One of the aspects of our work at people and places that is most sensitive is advising volunteers about how to support their projects financially on their return home….its so tough to say that investing in things is usually not effective – where investing in people nearly always is!

 I wish I had written this blog written by Daniela Papi of Pepys Tours ( an excellent responsible travel organisation)….I could not have put it better!

Here’s a taster from her blog but please read the whole thing!

“We can’t emblazon our name on a person’s forehead the way we can on a hospital building: Funded by the Smith Family. Investing in people isn’t as rewarding in the short term – you don’t see a space turn from empty to full, a building go up brick by brick, or books lining shelves. But, as we fill people with knowledge and skills, connect them to the ideas and resources they need to make the changes they want to see in the world, and create opportunities that didn’t exist before, we start to fill the real voids we have in the world: people with the skills and passion to go out and make the changes they believe in.”

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