we need your teaching skills – and not only in schools

we need your teaching skills – and not only in schools

Definition of teach: “cause (someone) to learn or understand something by example or experience.”

Definition of skill: “The ability to do something well; expertise.”

That’s what we are all about in all our volunteer projects

{As an aside we are proud that our programme is a skills-share programme. However, we need to use the term “volunteer” because in this Google search age the vast majority of people use the word “volunteer” when they do their searches – not “skills-share”.}

Many of our “education” volunteer programmes are not based in schools – many are.

All of our programmes need volunteers to share their skills – e.g. teach.

Here are some examples of where we need teaching skills – not only in schools but in community, health and vocational programmes too.

Please read on to learn more about the projects we work with that need and would warmly welcome your teaching skills .

If you are a qualified teacher or teaching assistant we need your skills in all the schools – and in many of the community programmes we work with.

Here are just a few examples of where we need you to share your skills and experience in schools:

Schools Support South Africa

Education Support in Rural Nepal 

Early Childhood Development in  The Gambia

If you have  business skills  such as accountancy or marketing –

Here are just a few examples of where we need  you to share  skills and experience

Business Development Support Siem Reap Cambodia

Business Development for youth in Kruger South Africa

Business Support for Women in Kathmandu


If you have  practical such as gardening and building

Here are just a couple of examples of where we need  you to share  skills and experience

Community support Cambodia



Practical support for young people in Saint Lucia

If you  have health and social care skills

Here are just a couple examples of where we need  you to share skills and experience

Health and social care projects in Cambodia 

HIV community care in South Africa

We tailor make every volunteer placement – matching your skills to project need –

Go on, take a look – register with us for free with absolutely no commitment. Kate our placement director and Dianne our volunteer programme advisor will help you identify where you could best share your skills – where you  could “teach” and where you could find a unique and fulfilling experience.

And don’t forget – our local partners and the people they work with will “teach” you at least  as much as you “teach” them



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