“We want to stop the exploitation of other women and girls”

“We want to stop the exploitation of other women and girls”

Can you help mentor a self-help women’s group? We are looking for volunteers who can work with previously exploited young women.

Resilience – confidence – assertiveness – mindfulness – creative and critical thinking- decision making and problem solving – these life skills are just as important as hard business skills.

No Woman Left Behind (NWLB) grew out of a cookery training course run by our partners ITTOG – started to support previously exploited young women in the Gambia – they had been trafficked and had been vulnerable to sex and slave labour.

NWLB has come on leaps and bounds since I wrote about it in our last newsletter

Funding has been found to pay the president Fatima Hydara ( Fatou) a stipend which has enabled her to give up her previous job and concentrate on leading the young women who are members of NWLB. Fatou’s priories are to generate an income stream for NWLB and, with the support of ITTOG, to develop a supportive and nurturing support group. She is already working with two or three organisations that are keen to use the association’s catering skills.

Fatou talk about the goals of No Woman Left Behind

They have learnt how to cook – boy can they cook – taught by brilliant local chefs catering for western tourists in The Gambia. Our volunteer programme is designed to give them the tools and confidence to succeed

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To learn how you could support this programme from your own home take a look here

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