well I’ve gone and done it again! – by volunteer Nigel

well I’ve gone and done it again! – by volunteer Nigel

….volunteered that is, I’m off to Peru in July to spend 32 days working with crees the people and places partner in Peru, to be honest I didn’t know if there was anything I could do in Peru but after Kate spoke to Crees there is apparently quite a lot I can do!






I will be based at the Manu Learning Centre in the Amazon rain forest not bad is it!









and the view from a bedroom

Sallie said “I’m expecting great pics videos etc – and have discussed with Quinn – you are responsible for our visuals! And I expect brilliant blogging!” so that should keep me busy to start with! Luckily I love taking photos but haven’t had much to do with videos so a steep learning curve on how to edit videos!

I received an email from Alex at crees . . .
During the 4 weeks that Nigel will be at the MLC our conservation research projects will be working on mist netting, pitfalls, butterfly nets, leaf litter, tree phenology, colpa, and checking the camera traps. It would be fantastic to have him help out on these projects as they require a certain level of energy and enthusiasm to get the data collected!
Nigel also mentioned that he would like to get involved with our community programme which would be great. We have recently started a weekly English class in the local community and it would be fantastic to get him involved in this which would make use of his life experience and communication skills. I think he would also be quite interested in seeing Reynaldo’s small holding as he raises chickens, guinea pigs, and fish. I am sure Nigel would find Reynaldo’s methods intriguing and with his previous experience working with poultry he may have a few tips to pass on!

Another good project for Nigel would be working on our biogardens as this involves a bit of building savvy, and as a maintenance manager he could help us out no end on this one!

biogarden peru

In terms of the MLC itself it would be very useful if Nigel could take a look at our own maintenance log and system and see if anything could be improved upon. We recently started a work exchange programme where a volunteer works with one of our local staff members for one day a week to see how the other side lives as it were. It would be really interesting to pair Nigel up with one of our maintenance staff for the day and get his feedback!
If Nigel has any Spanish then it would improve his experience greatly by enabling him to chat with local staff and community members. We don’t have any Spanish materials presently, although we will start offering free language classes each week at the MLC this year so hopefully Nigel will pick some up there.
So – I think it’s fair to say that you will be well-occupied and well-used, Nigel !!!

So that`s a month in the Amazon staying at a beautiful location, a chance to see all of the wonderful wildlife and plenty to do, I think all of the boxes have been ticked!
Of course it hasn`t been easy to organise as I am in full time employment as a site manager of two schools and I need to leave for Peru two weeks before the summer holidays start so I had to call in a few favours but seeing as I have only taken half of my holiday allowance in the last year I am owed some time off!

I was on cloud nine for a couple of days after hearing that crees wanted me but then reality struck, I needed to book flights, done, arrange insurance, done, see my local practice nurse for inoculations, done, buy all the gear needed for life in the Amazon, yet to do, and learn some Spanish and as languages are not my strong point that is going to be a challenge.
I will be doing regular blogs although I`m not sure how I am going to post them from the jungle!but trust me I will be taking a lot of pictures!

Nigel Pegler


and this has just been published in the school spring newsletter . . .

Volunteering in Peru

Nigel Pegler the Site manager will be traveling to Peru in the summer to work on a wildlife conservation project with the crees foundation at the Manu Learning Centre in the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon rain forest.


“As well as the conservation work I will be working with the local community on their bio gardens, helping out with the weekly English classes in the local community and sharing my maintenance experience with one of the local MLC members.

I will be taking hundreds, if not thousands! of photographs and blogging whenever the sporadic internet connection allows me!

If any of the students or staff are interested in the project just ask me and I will bore you silly! and I could be persuaded to do a PowerPoint presentation on my return if enough people are interested.

This is a purely self-funded volunteer placement with people and places with whom I have volunteered twice in the past, in 2007 it was setting up a cycle project in South Africa and in 2011 I was involved in the GIG project in The Gambia”

Nigel Pegler

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