What an impact our e-volunteer programme is having in Morocco!

What an impact our e-volunteer programme is having in Morocco!

Anyone wanting evidence of the importance of this programme had only to attend our online social a few weeks ago.  Since 2020 volunteers have been working online with house-mothers and girls at the Education for All boarding houses to build their confidence and fluency in spoken English. Latifa, the house-mother due to participate in the social, had to drop out on the morning of the event and Khadija, house-mother of Dar Asni 3, stepped in at a moment’s notice.  To hear Khadija speaking about her work at the boarding houses was a joy.  Three years ago Khadija understood a little English but was very hesitant to attempt to speak the language – it is her fourth language after all! During the last two a half years she has participated enthusiastically in all aspects of the e-volunteer programme, joining in group chats with other house-mothers, benefitting from one-to-one sessions with e-volunteers, and supervising the girls from her house in their lessons with e-volunteers.  And wow! – what a difference this has made. 

Listen to Khadija talking by clicking on the image below

All the other house-mothers have benefitted from this programme too. Earlier this year a new house-mother was appointed – Naima – she is house-mother at Dar Tinmel 1. She heard about the e-volunteer programme from her colleagues and couldn’t wait to join in! She started one-to-one conversation lessons with volunteer Jane at the beginning of August and they both enjoyed it so much they are just embarking on their second series of meetings!

A massive thank you from us and from Education for All to everyone who is willing to give just a little of their time to help on this programme – it is making such a difference.

We would love to expand this programme to other places too – we have one lady in The Gambia already ready and waiting for someone who would be willing to meet her online once a week just to talk in English to help improve her vocabulary and confidence in speaking the language – and she is not the only one!  You don’t have to be a teacher to take part in this programme – all you need to be able to do is engage in conversation!

If you are interested to find out more about this e-volunteer programme take a look here:

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