What’s missing in this advice for volunteers?

What’s missing in this advice for volunteers?


I am at risk of sounding holier than thou and very “worthy” here…..but really!!!!…. a publication such as BootsnAll should be a little more concerned with the community…..where is the advice here for questions to ask to ensure that the communities volunteers seek to serve are not being exploited!

One thought on “What’s missing in this advice for volunteers?

  1. Yes, this is a pretty poor article, and seems to focus very much on the volunteers preferences and experiences, without any notion that volunteering is actually about serving communities, or the environment. The writer certainly seems to live in a world where there is no exploitation of volunteers, communities, or any negative impact. So I would add, if you are going to volunteer, make sure you ask the agency where your money goes, whether local people are involved in the design of your placement, whether there is a local project team ( and by that I mean from the country where you are volunteering) in place, and what role the project had in your placement.Cmon BootsnAll, surely you can better than this!

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