why do you want to volunteer?

why do you want to volunteer?

“I have been looking for an ethical volunteer abroad program FOREVER!!! Thank goodness I finally found you guys! I know I’m not extremely qualified (haven’t finished my undergrad), but I really want to experience life in another country, learn about their hardships, ways of life, and help where I can. BUT I want to make sure my volunteer abroad experience is ethical. I have read many a horror story about children forming insecure attachments that bring volunteers to places like orphanages for one week, and companies being more concerned with their own profit than actually helping a community. I LOVE how you guys outsource to local organizations rather than run your own projects. I always thought going to another country and doing something like building a house or school didn’t make sense because doesn’t that take away work from locals? I don’t want to help people per say, I want to help them help themselves. Hopefully I can do that with my minimal education… I also wanted to stay away from volunteer tourism. I want to trip to be about actually working and fully immersing myself into a cause. I don’t think it should feel like a vacation really! More like work, but very rewarding work. “

Sarah – a new applicant

Now, THAT’s what I consider to be a VERY good answer to the question !!! Sarah has obviously given the matter a lot of thought and been doing her research

Well done Sarah 🙂


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