Women’s Empowerment-The Gambia WOW!

Women’s Empowerment-The Gambia WOW!

an update by Sallie

I have know Adama for just over 20 years – and every step of the way he has kept me on my toes.

Adama is a visionary – our role at people and places is to support him convert his vision to reality.

Our support for the Womens Empowerment programme started with education support for the cookery course for previously exploited women at the Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia and mentoring and capacity building for the Association designed to support students as they entered business or employment.

The first step – a model cafe and green grocery shop where the women could learn about running a business

The cafe opened in August

– the shop in December

The cafe and shop are located in a building that will serve as an incubation centre for ITTOG – the idea is that the incubation centre will support women after their training at the college – learning business skills through practical example.

The women to be supported are not just working in catering – they are looking to create small businesses in fashion, printing, jewelry, tourism and more.

A number of volunteers have worked in the centre in the last few months covering a number of skills…..

  • Menu Planning and Kitchen Management
  • Book keeping including payslips and cost accounting
  • Leadership and Time Management skills
  • Presentation and marketing

are some of the areas where volunteers have helped

We are thrilled to announce that Bintou – the treasurer of No Woman Left Behind won the best student award at the 2023 graduation ceremony

Volunteers can help with business and personal development –

contact dianne@travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk for more information

Follow the No Woman Left Behind Group on FaceBook

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