write a review – you may win money for your project !

write a review – you may win money for your project !

Calling all volunteers! you can win a donation for your project!

This is a great idea – all you have to do is write a review of your volunteer experience … wherever and whenever it may have been!

One of the many websites where we promote people and places is transitions abroad and our partners have a great idea to support your projects! They’re offering prizes of 100 USD for your stories – take a look here.

Transitions Abroad isn’t promising to publish all submissions of course, but whatever you send will certainly be read – and if it’s published, your project may well be able to benefit from your continued support.

Generally articles are best at about 800-1200 words, with a couple of photos to illustrate, and a weaving in of cultural immersion themes so that the overall focus is on the stories of local people – which as volunteers, you know at least as well as anyone!

This will be great way to ‘get the word out’ and (potentially) to raise money for your project as well – let us know if you’ve any questions, but meanwhile – go for it volunteers!

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