Your project needs YOU !

Your project needs YOU !



The Lord Kitchener poster is in my mind when I paraphrase slightly and say: “YOUR PROJECT NEEDS YOU”  … to tell your story and help us find more volunteers to continue your work.

I know that many of you already do this through giving talks and presentations to school groups, church groups, clubs and associations of work colleagues … for which we also thank you.

But here’s a thought:

How about approaching the local media – newspaper, magazine, TV station … They are always looking for interesting local news stories – and what could be better than your own story? Why did you decide to volunteer overseas with people and places? Where did you go? What did you do? How did you share your own skills and experience with local people and projects? What were the challenges and what were the rewards?

You no doubt have loads of photos of your volunteer experience – and we know how the media loves a good photo!

If you would like our help with additional information and photos of your project, please let us know! We’ll be pleased to help you to help your project.

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